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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bear Faced Beauty

When it com
es to musical discoveries, for me 2009 was all about Brooklyn based band Grizzly Bear. They are quite, quite beautiful in every way. If you have not yet heard Vekatimest I urge you to purchase it immediately. I was super lucky enough to see them live twice in 2009; once at the Green Man Festival and secondly in November at Manchester Cathedral of all places. Easily the gig of the year for me and I went to quite a few (approximately 30?). It was the first gig I have ever attended on my own and all the better for it I think (Mr. Lola was jetlagged, Pah!). It meant I could push my way to the front row and marvel the spectacle from up close. Wow, these guys are so talented. Celestial sounds indeed. Here is the amazing video for Ready, Able.

I also really love the ar
t work that features on Vekatimest which is by Chicago based artist William O'Brien . His paintings are very abstract and colourful and are made up of fractured angular shapes.
I took lots and lots of photos during the gig (bad habit). However, as my camera is fairly crap they vary in quality but have allowed for some interesting eerie effects. I also hung around for a bit afterwards (another benefit of solo gig-going) and met Chris Taylor the player of bass, flute, clarinet etc, producer and all round Bear genius. He was very nice indeed.

I also picked up this delightful boy sized tee from the gig.

Oh and Ed's set list.

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