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Monday, 25 April 2011

To Bob.

Today I was inspired. Seeing my beautiful sister-in-law Ellen with her smart new birthday bob has made me look at my lank longish mane and sigh. I have been growing my hair now for years and it never seems to get past that rather dull in-between mid-length and long place. Too fine to be full and surfy, too full of kinks to be sleek and shiny, it really will not behave. And so my mind slips to thoughts of scissors and the promise of a brand new bouncy bob of my own.

I am no stranger to this cut, I had a number of bobs at school and throughout the 90s, however this time, rather than a graduated pest that needs straightening and teasing into place, I imagine a one length creation like those seen at Paul Costelloe (AW11), triangular and architectural and rouge of course. Like Little Red Riding Hood might have her hair, if she wished to match it to her cape.

Visit my newly pruned sister here, but be warned as hair-envy most certainly awaits you.
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