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Monday, 26 September 2011

My work here is done.

It's been fun, but as my life gets increasingly busier this little old blog of mine has been rather neglected. When I do have time to go online I seem to want to spend that time reading other people's blogs rather than writing my own. So for now I am putting it to bed.

Night night for now (I may be back). x

P.S - I hope to keep Purdylola Draws going so please visit for updates regarding my illustration work.

P.P.S - In the meantime if you're a girl or a woman, please refer to ROOKIE MAG for, well, everything really. Tavi is a genius and a serious contender for the first female American president.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Vagabondiana Blog Header

Recently I was asked by my dear sister-in-law Ellen Burney, to create some illustrations for her blog Vagabondiana. Obviously I jumped at the chance, not only because I love her so and her blog is magnifique but also because I knew that it would be a very fun brief and an opportunity to make something very chic, very cute and hopefully very Vagabondiana.

Regular visitors will be familiar with her original blog header which features a still (below) from the slightly bonkers but beautifully styled 1968 film 'Secret Ceremony', a favourite of Ellen's and one which she felt captured the spirit of Vagabondiana and her followers. For this reason Ellen wanted to keep the Secret Ceremony theme but with a particular focus on Mia Farrow's character 'Cenci'.

Mia Farrow and Elizabeth Taylor

The very child-like Cenci

I can't say I wasn't a little nervous about trying to recreate Mia as Cenci, who with her glorious mane of chestnut hair looks utter perfection in this film (even if it was a wig!). Her look is so evocative of that elusive 60s mod, anglo/french beatnik look that we are all so obsessively trying to capture right now and I knew that it was this above anything else that needed to come through in my illustration.

Talking of that 60s beatnik look, Ellen offered up this iconic image (above) of Anna Karina as a starting point for Cenci's pose. She also specified the outfit she wanted Cenci to wear which features in Secret Ceremony and for her to be shown with the shorter bob hairstyle that Cenci adopts in the later stages of the film.
This was my first attempt (above). Ellen liked the idea of Cenci's knickers being visible and I agreed that this was a really good way of portraying the lolita-like aspect of her character. Despite the fact that the character is in her twenties, Cenci continues to behave like a child and it's this confusion of innocence and an emerging sexuality that is a very prominent theme in the film.
Later I added over-the-knee socks and some more detail to the spotty pants. I also added some textures to the different fabrics to give the illustration more depth.

Finished Cenci plus a background of Vagabondiana pink and my signature.

Finally I added the typography. I looked at a number of script fonts and then hand-drew my own response.

And voila, the final blog header. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of Cenci, as there are talks of an animation. Watch this space!

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Crimson Petal and the White

Some things are so right... and then they end. Jack White and Karen Elson are divorcing and despite their very honorable decision to see out the split with a 'positive swing bang hum dinger' of a D.I.V.O.R.C.E party, I can't help but mourn the passing of this most loveliest of unions. To commemorate/celebrate I have dug out this Annie Leibovitz shoot for US Vogue (June 2010) which beautifully captures the fine couple; top-hatted, crowned in ivy, rocking their geetars and generally pursuing their talents, both together and separately. One thing I think is certain, their marriage may be over but their connection will remain, not only through their two children Scarlett and Henry-Lee but in the clear bonds they have made through a joint love for music and authenticity.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Summer in the City ♥

All images my own, click to see bigger.
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