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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Ink Me Up

For a long time now I have procrastinated about getting a tattoo, finally however I have made the decision to go for it. There are a number of reasons why I have decided to commit, one of which is my total fascination with the tattooing process. I am a bit of a Miami/LA Ink obsessive despite not once seeing a single tattoo featured on the show that I would actually want for myself. The amount of inspirational tattoo imagery available also seems to have increased in quantity and quality such as the work of the amazing Dutch artist and tattooist Angelique Houtkamp. Her most recent publication seen below is crammed with beautifully seductive pictures of tattoos and tattoo designs; irresistable to an image-junky such as myself.

I also love the work of Valerie Vargas a London based tattooist whose work is in a similar style to Angelique's. It is this Victoriana/Fifties/Sailor Jerry/Rockabilly/Mexicana inspired style that I would very much like for my own tattoo. This super cute heart-shaped padlock is along the lines of what I plan to get although I'll probably opt for black and grey rather than colour. Matching jewellery to outfits is enough of a chore never mind tattoos!

Seeing beautifully inked ladies such as Fiona Deffenbaugh (designer and founder of Black Pearl Boutique has also been a massive inspiration. Here she is looking super cool and tatted up on Show Me Your Wardrobe.

The equally lovely lady below has been sat in 'My Pictures' for some time now, although I forget now where I originally found her.

As for inked up boy-folk, well need I say more than Ash Stymest. Heavens.


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