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Monday, 9 August 2010

Stuff in Magazines

An obvious benefit of teaching for a living is the lovely six week summer holiday you are granted every year. Lovely, unless like me you decide to foolishly undertake a Masters and end up spending those weeks sat at a desk writing essays. Add to this: two poster commissions, one for a club night, the other for an art exhibition, an installation piece for that same exhibition, a camping holiday and a festival and it equates to an exciting but far from relaxing summer break. My own fault I realise. For now however my priority is that dreaded essay and so it is at times like these that I really need a big stack of magazines to break the monotony of text book boredom. An editorial treat every few hours keeps me sane. These are some of the things that caught my eye this week.

Topshop winter coats past and present: That leopard nu
mber looks suspiciously like the one hanging in my wardrobe from last Autumn. Oh well, it shall be dusted off and paraded once again. This year however it shall be alternated with the brass buttoned navy cape number taking centre stage below.

Elle Sept 2010

Hair inspiration: Karen's curly wurly ponytail, black wiggy hair and rainbow red heads at Givenchy.

Grazia 9th Aug 2010

Vogue Sept 2010

Cath Kidston: The Lola homestead has a smattering of Kidston; crockery, towels, drawer liners, rose and lavender lotions however I had yet to purchase any of her garments, the fit too frumpy, the hemlines too low. However her offerings for the coming season have turned my head. The velvety bodice number in teal wings its way to me as I write. I shall team it with clompy boots for a Grungy Guinevere look.

Cath Kidston catalogue August 2010

Reviews of Best Coast - 'Crazy for You' everywhere!: This album is basically one long song about boys and weed but what a sweet sweet song it is. I especially like to sing along with Beth in the car despite having the singing voice of a strangled kitty cat.

NME 7th August 2010

Always catching my eye Karen.

Elle Sept 2010

Styling The Runaways: I rarely buy 'In Style' but this article sold it to me this month. I am very excited about this movie for so many reasons: my favourite grumpy girl crush Kristen Stewart sporting the world's only covetable mullet, 70s girl group exploits and all Joan Jett approved, what's not to like?

In Style Sept 2010

Sherlock Quiz: As if they had to ask! Just when I thought Matt Smith was the 'one', along came Benedict Cumberbatch. Can I have both please?

Grazia 9th August 2010

Make Over Betty: This was always going to happen of course. Like all those lame American high school movies where the 'geek' is clearly a stunner underneath her NHS specs, Betty has been groomed within an inch of her life for the final season. So predictable, such a shame. Minus the clown costumes there will be hardly a reason left to watch Ugly Betty.

Grazia 9th August 2010


  1. Gina, we have exactly the same taste. It's so funny. I saw that cape today in person though. Have you met it in person? He was a little stiff. Karen's ponytail; you must. The whole post I have already loved and you have put into print. We are the same person. x

  2. Ha ha, yes I think we might be. Great minds hey. The cape has been met yes and purchased, I know what you mean about the stiffness but I love how it really could be vintage. I am very keen to pair it with that tan briefcasey satchel in their lookbook. If I could master the pony tail I'd have my AW look achieved.x


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