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Tuesday, 20 July 2010


So Vagabondiana has graced me with the Beautiful Blogger award. Although I think she may be slightly biased as she is my sister-in-law I was extremely flattered. Thanks Ellie. So as is the custom I shall divulge seven secrets and nominate seven of my own favourite recitals.


1. I have quite a sizeable collection of art and graphics books that I use almost every day, however I have also been known to purchase pretty cookery books with no intention whatsoever of ever trying the recipes inside. My favourites by Tessa Kiros are so beautiful and full of inspiring images although as yet they remain nothing but cookery porn to me. This is because, despite having a German Grandma, I am a bad cook.

2. I am addicted to Bebaroque tights. This is partly because I never, ever get my bare legs out in public, ever. If it is stupendously hot, which it very rarely is, then I just stay inside instead. My favourites are the Barbarella in peach as they match my skin tone almost exactly making it look as though I have a massive tattoo up one leg.

3. I am currently writing a novel. It is for young adults and is all about that weird period of insanity that all teenagers seem to go through. It is singularly the most satisfying thing I have ever attempted.

4. I have been told that I'm a merry drunk.

5. Heaven is a campsite called Treen overlooking Porthcurno in Cornwall. When I am there I am truly happy and calm.

6. I spend all my hard earned cash on music, gig tickets, art books, tights and Topshop. Don't tell Mr. Lola.

7. In my dreams I have an all black cat called Lucille. She wears a red bow and gives me advice whenever I need it.

Image found here


In no particular order I nominate:

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Vintage Vivant
Friggen Awesome

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  1. Those tights are pretty cute! and its good to know about you a little more =)


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