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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Gothic tendencies

Despite it being 10 trillion degrees outside I can't help but get excited about what sartorial loveliness Autumn/Winter will bring. As much as there is nothing quite like a proper British heatwave, especially when experienced by the sea and not stuck in the city, it can however prove rather difficult in the fashion stakes for someone as vampirey pale as I. Milk bottle white legs, suncream, fake tan (which I gave up on a looooong time ago) sun hat, hat hair, sunglasses, bite cream, make-up slippage, hayfever face, god it's all so complicated. It is only in recent years after committing many, many summer style crimes (boho, eek!) that I have concluded that as long as I go Fifties, I'm fine. On a really hot day a mantra of 'Dita Von Teese Does Coachella' and I can usually manage some concoction that is vaguely me. The dark months although gloomy at times are frankly simpler to dress for and most importantly provide more opportunities to layer, and as we know it's ALL about the layering.
I was particularly giddy then to catch a glimpse of Topshop's cosy AW10 offerings (sheepskin, spikes and capes, oh my!). After weeks of faffing around every morning trying to concoct a costume that is both practical and edgy (yes, yes, a contradiction I know) the promise that comes with such pictures is like a heavenly breath of fresh air across my perspiring skin.

All images sourced from Style Bubble

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