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Thursday, 20 May 2010

If Looks Could Kill

Last week LA's Dum Dum Girls were in town. I was really looking forward to this gig as I absolutely love their debut 'I Will Be' and after missing Best Coast the week before (same night as Hole, what you gonna do?) I was very much ready for a super slice of West Coast girl punk. Weirdly though it was an all round quite odd experience. Around 9.45 the girls took to the stage in their matching black playsuits, vertical stripe circus tights and wicked scowls and immediately all I could think of was that Robert Plant video for 'Addicted to Love' with the identikit supermodels swaying in unison, and frankly I hadn't expected that. Bizarrely they opened with a cover of the Rolling Stones 'Play With Fire', which isn't really bizarre at all except that Hole had opened with the same cover the week before. Like I said, odd. Between songs Dee Dee offered nothing but a few shy thank yous, and lots and lots of cutting glares. Too cool for school they may be, but they do have the songs and they do look a-mazing, so hey why shouldn't they be smug? For an equally bemused review check out my buddy The Real Macaw.

P.S - Circus tights have been purchased and will be paraded with a playsuit and an expression that can paralyze at 10 paces.

All pictures my own except last two sourced from Sub Pop.

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