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Monday, 22 February 2010

Cheap chic minus the black eye

Hands off mon pull.

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As a fan of the occasional frivoulous fancy I am more than willing to splash out on a designer piece that I really, really love. The thing is, I am yet to love anything which may be subject to fading, staining, shrinking or tearing THAT MUCH - I aint stoopid. Generally my thrifty northern good sense kicks in and I put down the Miu Miu bag and walk away. Good girl.
Thankfully the well-established trend for designer/high street collaborations means I can get a bit of the bling for a lot less bucks. Who'd have thought my vintage frocks and Topshop tattle would hang alongside Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane and Luella, oh Luella (I love you TK Maxx). Today flame haired Sonya Rykiel joins my fashion throng courtesy of H&M. To think of the times I swooned over her stripey sweaters retailing at approximately £250 each. Now I have three and for less than 70 quid, Martin Lewis and that lovely Alvin chap would be proud.
Even better, these finds have almost always been by chance. You won't find me queuing at 5 in the morning, handbag like a weapon, ready to take out anyone who nabs all the size 12s. No, I leave that to the 'Look' readers and ebayers and wait for the storm to pass. A Monday evening stroll to the shops and who knows what you may find on the Returns rail.

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